Who Is Badger State Winery Cooperative?

To support the economic success of small wineries

Badger State Winery Cooperative is a non-profit farm cooperative organized by five Wisconsin winery owners in 2008.  Following new legislation, which took effect July 1, 2009, Wisconsin wine producers could no longer sell wine direct to retail.  The legislation did, however, provide that small wineries (those producing 25,000 gallons or less of wine per year) could become members of a wholesale cooperative.

The primary purpose of Badger State Winery Cooperative is to provide the means necessary for small wineries to distribute wine and hard ciders to retailers in accordance with Wisconsin state law.  Retailers deal directly with individual winery owners; pricing, sales and delivery is handled by each winery owner.   We currently have 28 member/owners located throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota.  

If you are a small winery and are interested in becoming a member or if you are a retailer interested in selling locally made wines, please check out the links above.


 Rudy Jungwirth

Rudy Jungwirth, President
Badger State Winery Cooperative

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