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Badger State Winery Cooperative is basically an administrative entity allowing small wineries to comply with state law.  Individual wineries handle their own sales with the convenience and flexibility to set their own wholesale case prices, generate their own invoices via our online invoicing system and deliver product on their own schedule. 

We encourage member-to-member networking to help promote tasting rooms of fellow members and exposure to new markets.  And we support our members in their individual marketing efforts without imposing a financial burden by the cooperative. Our core principals are:

ü  Operate on a sound financial basis for the long-term benefit of the members/owners and key stakeholders.

ü  Pursue growth and expansions of the cooperative in order to better meet the needs of the cooperative members/owners.

ü  Manage the cooperative in an open, democratic manner that respects the views and rights of the members/owner.

ü  Cooperate with other cooperatives by sharing experience and information.

Costs & Fees Associated with Ownership

  • Onetime ownership fair share of $500
  • $2 fee per case sold through the cooperative
  • 3% bank fee charged back to each member winery based on individual wholesale case price you set
  • NO marketing assessments

In 2012, we had 21 owners.  It is our projection that as our membership continues to grow, the proportionate share of costs will be decreased.  It is our goal that annual dividends be paid to our owners pursuant to our bylaws.  In 2012, nearly $3700 was paid to owners in the form of dividends.

Click here for an application and necessary forms for membership.

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If you still have questions or would like a copy of our Bylaws and Policies, please contact us.

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