Who can be a member?
125.545(2) Wis. Stats. provides that…only small wineries may be members of a cooperative wholesaler. (d)”small winery” is defined as those that produce and bottle less than 25,000 gallons of wine in a calendar year.
How can Badger State Winery Cooperative help my business?
BSWC is a means for small wineries to affordably enter the wholesale market. You have the flexibility of managing your own growth on your own terms. Average cost per case sold through the co-op is $5.00*
*Amount based on a $100 wholesale case price.
Can I keep my current customers but have another distributor sell in other parts of the state?
Yes. However, all product must first be invoiced through the cooperative. 125.545(4) Wis. Stats. states that a winery “…may make its wine available for purchase by a retailer or another wholesaler only through the cooperative wholesaler of which is a member. A member of a cooperative may not sell its wine directly to any other wholesaler or directly to a retailer.”
Contact Information:
Badger State Winery Cooperative
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